Metal Flashings

Flashing on residential roofs is made of thin continuous pieces of sheet metal installed to protect the underlying waterproof membrane from both physical stress and the sun’s UV rays. The flashing also provides a proper finished look for aesthetic purposes.

Macbeth Roofing only uses quality metal flashings. This important element of your roofing system should always be installed by a skilled tradesperson. Our roofer’s many years of experience in the roofing business will ensure that during high winds or windstorms the flashing won’t fly away, thus exposing the more fragile and protective layers of roofing materials underneath.

Flashing leaks most often occur because of improper installation. Macbeth roofers are very knowledgeable about the best practices and methods to seal your flashing, preventing even the tiniest break from causing big problems in the future! Our roofers will always consider your flashing needs within your overall roof strategy.

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